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Buying a bicycle for your child? Here's what you need to know

Buying a bicycle for your child? Here's what you need to know

Now that your child is interested in bikes, it's time to introduce them to the sport you love! Whether your child is just three years old and in the market for their first bike or they're ready to explore roads or trails, we've put together a few tips to make them buy kid's bikes a little easier. In contrast to adult bicycles, children's bikes are not sized according to their frame height or length. Instead, they are sized according to the wheel size. 

Children who are taller for their age may be able to fit into a larger wheel, but they may not be as well equipped to handle other changes as the bikes get larger: like multiple gears and hand brakes in place of coaster brakes. Once your child is over 4'10" (147 cm), they can ride a bike with 26, 27.5, 29, or 700c wheels.

Choosing and buying the best kid's bikes for your children can be difficult, but we are here to assist you. With the help of some expert advice, we'll help you choose the best kids bicycle in India for your children so they can enjoy cycling:

1. The first step in buying a kids' bike for your youngster is to learn about the various sizes available. Standard wheel sizes of 12", 14", 16", 18", 20", and 24" are available on the best bicycles for kids. Each of these wheel sizes corresponds to the child's height, and you may determine the suitable size by measuring the child's inseam.

2. The inseams for different wheel sizes on children's bicycles are as follows: 12" wheel for inseams of 14-17" 14" wheel: 16-20" inseam; 16" wheel: 18-22" inseam; 20" wheel: 22-25" inseam; 24" wheel: 24"-28" inseam Remember that the inseam length, not the child's age, is the most significant factor in determining the bike's proper fit. This is especially true if you're looking for the greatest kid's bikes on the internet. 

3. Look for brands and cycles that provide higher stability and safety for children when riding bicycles. When purchasing a bike for your child, check to determine if the frame is made of steel or aluminum and if the joints are in good working order. Additionally, instead of buying an adult bike in a smaller size that will be difficult for your child to ride, buy exclusively from a brand that offers dedicated kids' bikes.

4. Examine the brakes and braking mechanism on the bike you are purchasing for your youngster. Young children, particularly those who are new to riding, have a hard time adjusting to pulling the brakes and require milder brakes. If you're at a store, try pressing the brake with your little finger to see if you can. If you can, the brakes are appropriate for children.

Caya Bikes, one of the country's premier bicycle manufacturers, has the best kid's bikes for your young ones. Caya Bikes has a specific range of the best kids bicycles in India, of different sizes to help you buy kids bikes for your little ones. The bikes are also quite stable and have been developed with safety in mind. The frame and fork are of high quality for long-term durability, and the paint, plastic, and rubber parts are non-toxic so that the child's health is never jeopardized. Choose from the famous Caya Bikes kids bikes and give your kids the boost they need to love cycling.

So, look no further when buying kid's bikes as Caya Kids Bikes are the ideal riding companion for your children! From bikes with robust brakes and comprehensive chain guards to durable tires and body frames, every model in Caya's kids' bike line is designed to encourage a love of the two-wheeled life.

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