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Benifits of Buying Kids cycle

Benifits of Buying Kids cycle

In this contemporary epoch, the bubble of carelessness in fitness regimes has been popped by the COVID-19 pandemic owing to which the civilians are now hell-bent on making themselves alive and kicking. Although people from all walks of life are putting their heart and soul into setting timely reminders to eat a balanced diet, workout thrice a week or go on trekking, the quintessential attention should be given to the children, be it a toddler, or a child of school age.

It is indubitably hard for parents to push them to eat the greens and fruits lest they like them and eat by their own choice but due to a time-tested practice, the parents can help their children to become fit as a fiddle by choosing the right activities for them to make their lives and health better. Regardless, these activities are more outdoorsy than virtual battles or matches which in turn can create more ruckus health-wise. The ultimate way of making children happy, active and social butterflies is by buying them a bicycle so that they can have fun and frolic and can set a fitness regime for themselves.

There are countless benefits of inculcating the habit of bicycle riding in children of all age groups. Here is a list to corroborate the fact that bicycle riding has always been a boon to health and the environment along with family bonding:

1. De-stressing the muscles and the mind:

The prominent benefit of riding a bicycle for kids is that the exercise of cycling not only is an excellent workout for the muscles but also it helps to relax the mind which is hardly at rest given the cut-throat competition in academics. Additionally, it helps to increase muscle mass. According to a recent study, it is concluded that this activity reduces the risk of bowel cancer. Cardiovascular fitness is always on an upward curve when it comes to cycling. If parents buy their kids bicycles as a positive reinforcement for a certain task, then the kids are sure to be encouraged to ride them daily.

2. Perfect posture and hand-eye-arm coordination:

In this era of computers, iPods, tabs, and cell phones, it is quite hard for the children to sit in a posture that is meant to be. Adding more to the woes, the online classes due to the COVID-19 pandemic have increased their workload hence they have to rely on computers more than they ever had. Consequently, their sitting and standing posture have deteriorated rapidly. Moreover, the diseases like migraine and cervical have hiked manifold in school-going children.

Thus, riding a bicycle helps to decrease the pressure on the neck from 10 to almost none and it will help the children to learn the coordination between hand-eye-arm involuntarily. Although this coordination can be learned through other ways as well however what beats the way which is full of fun to learn the actions involuntarily. Hence, the parents should make sure that their kids get their hands on the bicycle every day as early as possible to obliterate the possibility of a lousy posture.

3. Mental Development:

As a direct co-relation, mental development can be linked to learning motor skills. For example, learning how to ride a bicycle at a small age helps a child to focus better, handle things, control them without any flaws, and a gargantuan expansion in motor skills which are responsible for the functioning and coordination of the body's nervous system, brain, and muscles. As an indirect approach, a child becomes confident in his abilities to handle risks on his own. Thus, if the bicycles are provided to the kids at an early age, their motor skills can be enhanced to a great extent.

4. Control in body weight, flexibility, strength, and obesity management:

It is an understatement to say that weight management can be done by riding a bicycle. Although, managing the weight has always been an elephant in the room for the adults however due to the sedentary lifestyle, children are also falling into this abyss which has no way out owing to which the children need to work on their health and strength. The kids should be encouraged to ride the bicycle daily to lower the risk of obesity and to maintain the required BMI which later on helps to increase and sustain their strength. Therefore, parents play a major role in letting the child know the value of their exercise of cycling by buying them one.

5. Family which cycles together stays together:

Since this eon is all about materialism and the survival of the fittest, the moral values, the family bonds, the love, and support have annihilated to an extent that people prefer to live in their oblivion created by them only due to which the children sometimes feel isolated yet are unable to mouth their words because given the attitude, perception, and habits of their family members they believe it is the way of the world. And here, cycling can play a bigger role than one can imagine.

To exemplify, if you, an adult go on your bicycle daily, you might as well go to the grocery store on the way and might also stop at a newspaper stand to buy one. Sometimes you would also like to meet an old friend on the way to your park for a cup of tea- this somewhat creates a reason for social meetings. This in turn could turn a wallflower into a social butterfly and that change could be seen in your child, niece or nephew as well only and only if YOU create a change in his/her by buying him/her a bicycle.

Bicycles have been an essential commodity since their invention even if the buzz has always been created by supercars. The indispensable value of bicycles can only be taught in one's childhood and once done and dusted, the rest is history. Buy your child a bicycle and let him peddle towards a healthy and confident future.

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